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Teva started a new business strategy of global leadership in generics and Biopharmaceuticals. The new strategy, as well as the focus on internal development, pushed the company towards building a new culture and positioning the employer brand.

‘Key to growth’ platform

‘Key to growth’ platform performs the combination of Work (discover work-related opportunities), Life (open opportunities for a healthy balance between work and personal life), and Talent (discover opportunities for continuous development and learning).


The visual concept underlines the brand’s message: the keyhole allows you to look into the world of Teva and see who they are and how they work in the company. Also, the visual component forms one’s own brand perception before employment and helps employees direct the focus of attention to the message that needs to be conveyed now.

Our Employer Brand Book performs a communicational eco-system, based on the communication strategy. We made the set of recommendations for channels to use, communication strategy implementation and made recommendations for further media planning and communication usage.

According to our strategy, we create an annual brand promotion plan, update online recruitment channels. We also update Intranet, posters, welcome book, and onboarding process. In addition, we develop an adaptation chatbot, ambassadors’ community, and Personal Brand School.

Right now, we can measure and celebrate the results of our systematic work:

The company’s quantitative indicators




+ 6 % engagement


— 15 % turnover of staff


+ 30 % filling of vacancies by existing employees

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