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The rapidly changing reality gives rise to a brand new feeling of fragility and unexpectedness of everything around. Each of us tries to find fundamental stable pillars to ensure the confidence of today.
We had to summarise all of the company’s achievements to help find its identity and manifest it in a way that stands out.

key brand message -- ‘the constancy of change”

We have suggested for Garage Eight not to position itself on forecasts of the future, but on the faith of the top management and the employees in the product and its relevance in any projection of the future.
Despite the variability of the world, Garage Eight does not freeze, but adapts flexibly to any changes. By constantly developing processes, approaches, the business itself they are driving the team to new achievements and challenges. So the slogan ‘The Constancy of Change’ was born: a subtle play of words on the topic of stability in instability.

The sub-lines for each audience are built from two parts: the first part accounts for the action of the brand (to transform/change), and the second part emphasises the process of transformation (from one to another).
‘transform ideas into bold projects’
‘swapping aspirations to bright projects’

So we used Garage Eight’s modules and branded emojis as a reference to a transformer that is constantly changing. We also used the brand’s fluent gradient to highlight the flexibility and adaptability of the company.
Moreover, the team’s lifestyle photos set the necessary dynamics and energy!

the team’s lifestyle photos set the necessary dynamics and energy!

Rebranded social networks, career page, assembled the guidelines for easy use

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