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Working at lanit allows one to understand their worth

Lanit is a multidisciplinary group of IT companies leading the market in system integration, distribution, consulting, engineering and software development, IT-outsourcing and training. The company has more than 3000 employees.


Working with complex technical projects requires each member of the team to give their best, and work-life balance may be seriously disturbed. But working at Lanit has something that only a few employers can offer: a real opportunity to feel important by changing the lives of millions of people.

with the best, everything changes is a concept that disrupts the rules of the game.

The achievements of Lanit employees become part of the stories of millions of other people. While everyone is talking about the changes in the world, Lanit’s employees are creating those changes.


We have based the campaign on comparing the best opportunities from the past LANIT projects to what a potential employee might have now.

In other words, ‘It is better to do… (complex, cool, non-standard projects, etc.), instead of simply… (dream, criticize, fear, etc.).


Visual concept of a line symbolizes continuous communication between the employee and the company.

In order to emphasize a sense of pride in our products, we formed the community of ambassadors and suggested they ‘release their inner monster’. So an internal slogan ‘Release your Monster’ was born — as Lanit is is not a place for banal people.


This is where you become a MONSTER.

A bright brand for a bright team

As part of the project, we completely redesigned the employer brand, developed identity and creative concept, rebranded all communication channels, set up editorial policy, formed a club of ambassadors of the brand and even came up with an exciting board game based on company values.

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