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Completing all the selection stages in a day and getting an offer with a precise renumeration amount in the end

Alpha Group is considered to be one of the leaders of the IT- and FinTech industry on the market. It regularly competes for the best IT professionals. The challenge for us was to find a unique tool for quick and high-quality recruitment of employees for very demanding positions.


Many potential employees already have jobs, they are not ready to engage in long interviews not knowing how much they will be offered. Quite another thing is when all stages can be passed in a day, and in the end one receives an offer with the exact compensation amount.

Alfa — sets new rules

The creative concept of the One Day Offer online event was designed to break the stereotype of boring IT work and convey a new image of a modern employer: free, bold, open to innovation and disruptive solutions capable of breaking the stereotype even about the very process of the interview instead of several days and stages, just one bright event and an offer on the same day.

The concept was manifested in the slogan ‘Go red’, ‘Break the rules with Alfa’, which is based on opposition: Alfa sets new rules.


As part of the campaign, we conducted a study of the target audience, built targeted messages based on motives and barriers, developed a unified creative framework.


Digital strategy including contextual, targeted and media advertising campaign, as well as integration of influencers into local media channels was developed and implemented.
Developed a single dock with lead forms and enabled data analytics.

effective performance marketing for recruiting

We hosted 6 events resulting in approximately 250 offers.

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