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Magnum has changed its positioning and we updated the HR positioning

Magnum is the number one retail in Kazakhstan, a network of super- and hypermarket stores. The company employs more than 13,000 people, offering customers the best service and assortment on the market.


Magnum has asked us to develop a strong and attractive employer brand for both mass hiring of retail staff and head office employees.

focus on genuine and honest stories

In the creative concept we proposed to move away from solutions typical for retail and bring the real Magnum employees to the forefront — their faces, personal stories and life in the company without the sugar coating.


We have decided to completely dismiss staged shots and to focus on sincere and real stories that would acquaint viewers with employees of the company.

But upon adapting the first approach we realized that while the true-to-life format perfectly reflects Magnum’s honesty and openness, it does little to reflect the company’s ambition and modernity.

SoThen we found a way to utiliseuse existing materials in a new format. The documentary approach to memories and moments that are captured in the photos was reflected in the idea of creating a home photo album. We also added bright colors to documentary photography to get a new live, open brand.

We added opening pages of the photo album with drop-out photos to all website layouts.

more than just a brand

Engagement and satisfaction went from 85 percent to 89 percent, and loyalty went from 79 percent to 81 percent.

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