MegaMarket:employer brand
form a bright image and communication strategy for the employer brand

In the rapidly growing competition in the e-com market, MegaMarket not only sets itself an ambitious goal, but dares to become number one in e-commerce by attracting experts that resonate with the brand.

At MegaMarket you can to more than you think

The MegaMarket’s work culture is built on healthy adventurism that values courage, freedom of imagination, flexibility and readiness for daring challenges. To emphasize the employer’s brand-concept we betted on the ПРИСТАВКА ‘Mega’.
While developing brand positioning, we elevate people and make everything as hyperbolic as possible. We say that in MegaMarket you can do more than you think. Instead of simply working on the project, one influences it. We show that we aspire to become big leaders, and that we have a huge amount of tasks and projects. In general, our work is MEGAwork!

You can do MORE’. This slogan I designed to emphasize how cool and important every person employed in the company is, as well as mention the individual approach to development and rapid growth towards the status of MEGA expert.

In visual design, we have also chosen the path of simple and clear non-eclectic imagery without deviating from the key guide of the marketing brand. We have retained the brand’s gradient, but the concept is based on large typography and bright animation to emphasize the concept of growth, healthy adventurism and upward striving.

mad about MEGA solutions

The result of our work with MegaMarket was an updated strategic, creative and visual concept of the employer brand, emphasizing the scale and prospects of the project, its relevance, ‘millennialism’, flexibility and openness.

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